Pipe Guards from D5 Engineered Products

Pipe Guards from D5 Engineered Products

You need pipe guards and you need them now! Don’t spend another minute waiting around for the components you need today.  


When you order from D5 Engineered Products, you know that all our components and products are in-stock, pre-specified, and ready to ship today. 


Our pipe guards are pre-engineered to meet impact loads, made in the USA, and multiple designs are available. 


What Makes Our Pipe Guards Different? 


  • In stock and ready to ship today 

  • Heat-resistant label and QR code for indefinite material identification 

  • Field measuring and custom guards no longer required 

  • PDF drawings, CAD models, and IFC model files are now available for download 

  • Available in galvanized or powder-coated yellow finish 

  • Made in the USA 

  • Material Conformity and Fabrication per AISC 


All of our pipe guards are pre-engineered to save you time and money. They are in-stock now and ready to ship immediately. Place your order today and all you need to do is install your pipe guards and your pipes will be secure and ready to go.  


Pipe Guard Key Features 


Our American-made pipe guards are fabricated per AISC standards and ready for your site today. 


We have multiple designs available, including: 


  • Standard condition 

  • Adjustable side-mount design for concrete columns 

  • Adjustable wall-mount design 

  • Adjustable offset side mount design for concrete columns
  • Corner mount designs for concrete columns 

Our shop drawings are available for download now! Place an order to get started today! 


Get Your Pipe Guards from D5 Engineered Products 


Stop wasting time and money engineering the same pipe guards over and over. Get a pre-engineered pipe guard you can trust from D5 Engineered Products. 


Click here to shop our pipe guards now! 


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