NEW D5 Engineered Products: Pipe Guards, Anchor Bolts, and Lintels

NEW D5 Engineered Products: Pipe Guards, Anchor Bolts, and Lintels

At D5 Engineered Products, we are always looking for new ways to improve your workplace and site efficiency.  


In the past, we have brought you unprecedented turnaround times with pre-engineered and ready-to-ship steel products.  


We are pleased to announce we have expanded our product line-up to include pipe guards, anchor bolts, and lintels. All are in stock and ready to ship to you now.  


Let’s quickly look at some key features of our new products and what they can offer you. 


Check Out Our New Ready-to-Ship Products! 


Your site needs new steel products, and you need them ASAP! 


We have three new products available now. They are in stock, made in an AWS and AISC-certified shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ready to ship now.  


Pipe Guards 


If your pipes are left exposed, then you are risking serious damage on-site. A steel pipe guard will keep your pipes secure and ensure they are protected from denting, bending, or damage from a collision.  


Our pipe guards are pre-engineered and in stock. That means when you order today, they are shipped today. You don’t have to wait for a mock-up or lengthy design process, they are ready to ship now.  


Anchor Bolts 


If your structures are not connected to concrete, they are not properly secured and that represents a massive safety hazard.  


You can’t afford to halt work while you wait for anchor bolts. Get them now! 


Our pre-engineered anchor bolts are ready-to-ship to you. Anchor bolts are in-stock and ready to get your site back on track. 




If you don’t have the support you need above a wall or partition, then your site is hazardous, and you will have to stop work until you get the lintels you need. 


That’s where D5 Engineered Products comes in. We have pre-engineered lintels in-stock and ready to ship to you now.  


Get the Steel Products You Need Today with D5 Engineered Products 


D5 Engineered Products has three new metal fabricated products out now! They are in stock and ready to ship to you. 


That means that you save time, money, and man-hours since you don’t have to wait around for engineers to design, fabricate, and ship custom products. Instead, you get your products shipped today with all designs available on our site.  


We also offer pipe bollards, steel embeds, and elevator sump pit covers.  


If you need top-quality steel products today, shop D5 Engineered Products now!