Blog Entries - 2022

sump pit covers d5 engineered products

Fast and Affordable Elevator Sump Pit Covers by D5 Engineered Products

There is nothing more important than safety. That’s why if your elevator sump pit is left exposed, you need a cover immediately.  


An exposed elevator sump pit can lead to injury or even death from falling or drowning.  

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Fabrication drawings available

Metal Fabrication Shop Drawings Available for Download Only From D5 Engineered Products

November 7, 2022

You have a project with a quick turnaround and a limited budget, but it can be hard to determine exactly what metal products you will need and when.  


We get it. Waiting around for shop drawings from engineers can feel like you are wasting time and throwing away money. 

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D5 Engineered Product’s Surface Mount Bollards Get to You Quickly and Can Stand Up to the Toughest Collisions

D5 Engineered Product’s Surface Mount Bollards Get to You Quickly and Can Stand Up to the Toughest Collisions

October 3, 2022  |  Surface Mount Bollards

Bollards are key to preventing costly collisions and devastating accidents. But you don’t have the time to waste waiting for specified bollards when your construction project is in a pinch.  

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Cast-in-place bollards

Enhanced Safety and Improved Efficiency with Cast in Place Pipe Bollards from D5 Engineered Products

September 5, 2022  |  Cast-in-Place Bollards, Safety

Stop waiting around for specifications on pipe bollards that you need today. Cast-in-place pipe bollards from D5 Engineered Products are already engineered and impact-rated, so you get a bollard you can count on the right when you need it.  

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Steel embeds

You Save Time and Money with Steel Embeds from D5 Engineered Products

August 1, 2022

Don’t waste time and money engineering the same steel embed over and over. Get steel embeds from D5 Engineered Products for cost-saving convenience and a product that you can rely on.  

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Material Identification Labels

The Importance of Material Identification Labels

July 11, 2022

Fabrication and industrial environments are complex spaces where much can go wrong in short periods of time.  


Because of this, it is imperative to mark and label all equipment and materials. Serial numbers, barcodes, and QR labels are highly important when dealing with different parts.  

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